I am a web programmer and nuclear engineer, I use my capability in web programing (PHP – MySQL) to develop software that use as a tool to simplify, in making input and reading output of nuclear engineering software (ORIGEN, MCNP and SCALE) that has text-based input and output file. some of my portfolio:

  1. WEB Based Application for Nuclide Identifier and Grat extraction on Origen Output Files
    Application Description:
    – Extract nuclide identifier and grat from origen output file (origen.pch)
    – Convert extracted data into Mass Number and Mass (gram)
    – download example of pch file
  2. WEB Based Application to Convert Origen Output File (pch file) into MCNP Material Cards Input Data Format
    Application Description :
    – Convert origen.pch into MCNP material cards input data format.
    – Data base library material cards XSDIR 66c,60c,50c,42c,65c,61c, etc.
    – Addition (gram) on the data with the same nuclide (zaid)
  3. Origen Input Maker For Multipurpose Reactor – G.A. Siwabessy Fuel
  4. Web Based Application to Make MCNP (RSG-GAS) Input